Staging Your Home to Sell

Preparing and repairing your home for sale will certainly make it more appealing to buyers. In this post, we will answer the following questions: How does your home stack up against other homes for sale? What will it take to make your home the favored property of the neighborhood? What extra steps can you take to get an edge?

  1. Know your Price Point

    Before you begin readying your home for sale, you should figure out first what it might be worth. Knowing the value of your house will be important as you make decisions about how much time and money to invest in staging it.

  2. Making Comparisons

    Studying homes in your area and in your price range will give you a sense of what a good asking price would be. Talk to your neighbors about homes that have been sold recently to learn more about the sellers’ experience. Try to find out:

    1. What was the original asking price?

    2. What did the home eventually sell for?

    3. How long was it on the market?

    4. Did it need much work?

  3. Understand Neighborhood Life-cycles

    As you learn more about current buyers’ expectations, you will also want to pay attention to who is moving into and out of your neighborhood. It’s useful to know who your likely buyer is so that you can stage your home to appeal to their buying needs.

    Knowing the approximate age of buyers looking to move into your neighborhood will also help you decide how much updating you need to do.

4. Styling Trends

Most buyers want a home that is on trend. They generally do not want a home that is out of style, or outdated. These are two reasons why you need to be on trend:

  1. If the house's decor is up-to-date, people will assume the maintenance of the home is also up-to-date.

  2. If your home is fresh and up-to-date, they will want to buy it.

    3. Rearrange your furniture to focus on the elements of each room that will sell the house. Use example room layouts in home decor magazines as a guide to the overall impression your rooms should make.

Source: “Staging Your Home to Sell” by Julie Dana & Marcia Layton Turner