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Location, Location, Location! From the buyers’ standpoint, location is the key to success in real estate investment. It’s always best to understand different aspects of the neighborhood and explore its characteristics such as school rank, crime rates, and other factors. For making better decisions, the following sources can help you to understand your neighborhood and its characteristics.   

Discover Community Lifestyle & Demographic Information

ESRI provides various data sources such as different consumer spending, demographic, lifestyle, and behavioral trends. The following link provides a comprehensive of neighborhood's characteristics. 

Enter a ZIP Code and pick some topics to see what the power of location can reveal about any place in the US. Explore up to 10 different consumer spending, demographic, lifestyle, and behavioral trends and tap into spatial analytics to see your neighborhood like never before. 

In "DATA" tab, you can select various topics such as Median Income,  Age, Population Density, Graduate and Professional Degrees. In "MAP" tab, you can see the location.  


Community Lifestyle and Demographic Information


Explore Your Community’s Characteristics

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